Theoretical Nanophotonics at Rice University

We are a theoretical group leading research in the field of nanophotonics and plasmonics. We use a wide range of numerical methods (FDTD, FEM, BEM, DDA, Mie, TDDFT) to investigate the optical properties of metallic, semiconductor, and graphene nanostructures, plasmonic, excitonic, and hybrid systems.



Jan. 6  JACS (Just Accepted 2019)  "Ligand-Dependent Colloidal Stability Controls the Growth of Aluminum Nanocrystals"  B. D. Clark, C. J. DeSantis, G. Wu, D. Renard, M. J. McClain, L. Bursi, A.-L. Tsai, P. Nordlander, and N. J. Halas 

Dec. 21  -  Nano Lett., 2019, 19 (1), pp 605-611  Toroidal Dipole-Enhanced Third Harmonic Generation of Deep Ultraviolet Light using Plasmonic Meta-Atoms" A. Ahmadivand, M. Semmlinger, L. Dong, B. Gerislioglu, P. Nordlander, and N. J. Halas

Nov. 7  -   ACS Nano, 2018, 12 (11), pp 11657-11663  “Exploiting Evanescent Field Polarization for Giant Chiroptical Modulation from Achiral Gold Half-Rings" K. W. Smith, L. A. McCarthy, A. Alabastri, L. Bursi, W.-S. Chang, P. Nordlander, and S. Link

Oct. 30 -  JACS, 2018, 140 (45), pp 15412-15418  "Polymer-Directed Growth of Plasmonic Aluminum Nanocrystals"  S. Lu, H. Yu, S. Gottheim, H. Gao, C. J. Desantis, B. D. Clark, J. Yang, C. R. Jacobson, Z. Lu, P. Nordlander, N. J. Halas, and K. Liu

Oct. 26 -  Materials Today (Just Accepted 2018)  "Plasmonic Nanoparticle-Based Epoxy Photocuring: A Deeper Look" A. T. Roberts, J. Yang, M. E. Reish, A. Alabastri, N. J. Halas, P. Nordlander, and H. O. Everitt