Theoretical Nanophotonics at Rice University

We are a theoretical group performing research in the field of nanophotonics and plasmonics. We use a wide range of numerical methods (FDTD, FEM, BEM, DDA, Mie, TDDFT) to investigate the optical properties of metallic, semiconductor, and graphene nanostructures, plasmonic, excitonic, and hybrid systems.


Oct.19 - Nature Photonics (2020) "Transient optical symmetry breaking for ultrafast broadband dichroism in plasmonic metasurfaces" Schirato, A., Maiuri, M., Toma, A., Fugattini, S., Zaccaria, R.P., Laporta, P., Nordlander, P., Cerullo, G., Alabastri, A. and Della Valle, G.

Aug.28 - ACS Nano 2020 "Increased Intraband Transitions in Smaller Gold Nanorods Enhance Light Emission" 
  • Behnaz Ostovar
  • Yi-Yu Cai
  • Lawrence J. Tauzin
  • Stephen A. Lee
  • Arash Ahmadivand
  • Runmin Zhang
  • Peter Nordlander
  • , and 
  • Stephan Link

  • Aug.19 - J. Phys. Chem. C 2020 "The Effects of Electronic Structure on Molecular Plasmon Dynamics" Kyle D. Chapkin
  • Luca Bursi
  • Benjamin D Clark
  • Gang Wu
  • Adam Lauchner
  • Ah-Lim Tsai
  • Peter Nordlander
  • , and 
  • Naomi J. Halas

    Aug.12 - ACS Nano (2020).  "Morphology-Dependent Reactivity of a Plasmonic Photocatalyst" 
  • Lin Yuan
  • Minhan Lou
  • Benjamin D Clark
  • Minghe Lou
  • Linan Zhou
  • Shu Tian
  • Christian R. Jacobson
  • Peter Nordlander
  • , and 
  • Naomi J. Halas.

    Aug.3 - Nano Letters. 2020 Jul 31. "Aluminum Nanocrystals Grow into Distinct Branched Aluminum Nanowire MorphologiesClark, Benjamin D., Minhan Lou, Peter Nordlander, and Naomi J. Halas. 

    July.28 - Light: Science & Applications 9.1 (2020): 1-8. "Giant photothermoelectric effect in silicon nanoribbon photodetectors" Dai, Wei, Weikang Liu, Jian Yang, Chao Xu, Alessandro Alabastri, Chang Liu, Peter Nordlander, Zhiqiang Guan, and Hongxing Xu.

    June.29 - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 117(28), pp.16143-16148 "Polarized evanescent waves reveal trochoidal dichroism" McCarthy, Lauren A. and Smith, Kyle W. and Lan, Xiang and Hosseini Jebeli, Seyyed Ali and Bursi, Luca and Alabastri, Alessandro and Chang, Wei-Shun and Nordlander, Peter and Link, Stephan 

    June.22 - Nano Lett.(2020) "Electrically Driven Hot-carrier Generation and Above-threshold Light Emission in Plasmonic Tunnel Junctions" Cui, L., Zhu, Y., Abbasi, M., Ahmadivand, A., Gerislioglu, B., Nordlander, P., & Natelson, D. 

    June.10 - Nat Catal (2020) "Plasmon-driven carbon–fluorine (C(sp3)–F) bond activation with mechanistic insights into hot-carrier-mediated pathways" Robatjazi, H., Bao, J.L., Zhang, M. et al.