Theoretical Nanophotonics at Rice University

We are a theoretical group performing research in the field of nanophotonics and plasmonics. We use a wide range of numerical methods (FDTD, FEM, BEM, DDA, Mie, TDDFT) to investigate the optical properties of metallic, semiconductor, and graphene nanostructures, plasmonic, excitonic, and hybrid systems.


Image: Peter Nordlander and Naomi Halas receive the prize medals from the president of the Italian republic, Sergio Mattarella. 

New Publications:

April.3 - Nano Lett., 2023 April 3. "Energy Transfer to Molecular Adsorbates by Transient Hot Electron Spillover." Mirko Vanzan, Gabriel Gil, Davide Castaldo, et al.

Mar.6 - Chem. Biomed. Imaging, 2023 Mar 6. "Chiral Plasmonic Pinwheels Exhibit Orientation-Independent Linear Differential Scattering under Asymmetric Illumination." Lauren A McCarthy, Ojasvi Verma, Gopal Narmada Naidu, et al.

Dec.19 - PNAS, 2022 Dec 19. "Computational chromatography: A machine learning strategy for demixing individual chemical components in complex mixtures." Mary M. Bajomo, Yilong Ju, Jingyi Zhou, et al.

Dec.16 - Nano Lett., 2022 Dec 16. "Facet Tunability of Aluminum Nanocrystals." Parmeet Dhindsa, David Solti, Christian R. Jacobson, et al.

Nov.22 - Science, 2022 Nov 22. "Earth-abundant photocatalyst for H2 generation from NH3 with light-emitting diode illumination." Yigao Yuan, Linan Zhou, Hossein Robatjazi, et al.

Oct.31 - ACS Nano, 2022 Oct 31. "Fast Topology Optimization for Near-Field Focusing All-Dielectric Metasurfaces Using the Discrete Dipole Approximation." Yage Zhou, Ming Zhang, et al.

Oct.28 - J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2022 Oct 28. "Plasmon-Generated Solvated Electrons for Chemical Transformations." David Solti, et al.

Oct.6 - ACS Nano, 2022 Oct 6. "Plasmonic Photocatalysis with Chemically and Spatially Specific Antenna-Dual Reactor Complexes." Lin Yuan, Jingyi Zhou, Ming Zhang, et al.

Sep.30 - ACS Energy Lett, 2022 September. "Direct H2S Decomposition by Plasmonic Photocatalysis: Efficient Remediation plus Sustainable Hydrogen Production." Minghe Lou, Junwei Lucas Bao, Linan Zhou, Gopal Narmada Naidu, et al.

Sep.13 - PNAS Nexus, 2022 September. "Plasmonic gadolinium oxide nanomatryoshkas: bifunctional magnetic resonance imaging enhancers for photothermal cancer therapy." Luke Henderson, Oara Neumann, Yara Kadria-Vili, Burak Gerislioglu, et al. 

Aug.8 - J. Phys. Chem. C, 2022 Aug 8.  "Plasmonically Enhanced Hydrogen Evolution with an Al–TiO2-Based Photoelectrode" Yuan L, Kuriakose A, Zhou J, et al.

July.11 - PNAS, 2022 July 11. "Gd2O3-mesoporous silica/gold nanoshells: A potential dual T1/T2 contrast agent for MRI-guided localized near-IR photothermal therapy" Kadria-Vili Y, Neumann O, Zhao Y, et al.

July.11 - Nanotechnology, 2022 July 11 "Towards scalable plasmonic Fano-resonant metasurfaces for colorimetric sensing" Cerjan B, Gerislioglu B, Link S, Nordlander P, Halas N J, and Griep M H.

June.23 - Nano Lett., 2022 June 23. "A Dual Catalyst Strategy for Controlling Aluminum Nanocrystal Growth"  Jacobson C R, Wu G, Alemany L B, et al.

April.20 - Science advances, 2022 April 20.   " Vacuum ultraviolet nonlinear metalens" Tseng M L, Semmlinger M, Zhang M, et al.