Contact Info

Nordlander Nanophotonics Group

Laboratory for Nanophotonics

Departments of Physics and Astronomy, and ECE

Rice University

6100 Main Street, MS 61

Houston, TX 77005-1892

Phone: 713-348-5746

Fax: 713-348-5686

For direct inquiries, please contact one of our lab administrators:

Andrea Galindo

Administrator, Laboratory for Nanophotonics

(713) 348-5746

Office: Brockman Hall 282

Surbhi Lal

Executive Director, Laboratory for Nanophotonics

(713) 348-3587

Office: Brockman Hall 284A

Offices Location on the campus: Brockman Hall for Physics.

For any question related to the website please contact directly the webmaster.