Alexander Ahrens



Brockman Hall 321

Research Interests:

Quantum Plasmonics, Plasmonic Photocatalysis


BS, 2023, Computer Science, Mathematics, and Physics, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN


-Alexander Ahrens, Chenhang Huang, Matt Beutel, Cody Covington, and Kálmán Varga, "Stochastic Variational Approach to Small Atoms and Molecules Coupled to Quantum Field Modes in Cavity QED". In: Phys. Rev. Lett. 127 (27 Dec. 2021), p. 273601.

-Matthew Beutel, Alexander Ahrens, Chenhang Huang, Yasuyuki Suzuki, and Kálmán Varga, "Deformed explicitly correlated Gaussians". In: The Journal of Chemical Physics 155.21 (2021), p. 214103.

-Chenhang Huang, Alexander Ahrens, Matthew Beutel, and Kálmán Varga, "Two electrons in harmonic confinement coupled to light in a cavity". In: Phys. Rev. B 104 (16 Oct. 2021), p. 165147.

-Justin Malave, Alexander Ahrens, Daniel Pitagora, Cody Covington, and Kálmán Varga , "Real-space, real-time approach to quantum-electrodynamical time-dependent density functional theory", J. Chem. Phys. 157, 194106 (2022)